Sunday, August 28, 2022

Glenn Bishop Day

I've recently been corresponding with a Viking from Phoenix who requested more photos of Glenn Bishop.  I'm more than happy to oblige, and we start with one in the woods by Clifford Oettinger.



  1. Magnifique! Is the yellowish tone age or developing? His tan lines are noticeable in all his naked shots.

  2. Trivia I've picked up here and there.
    Glenn became a chiropractor. Hmmm
    This may or may not be true: He was the highest priced model at the time, charging $500 per hour.

    (Sagebrush Dan)

    1. Oops. About the chiropractor trivia, I should have read all of your notes before adding mine.

    2. I didn't know about his pay level, but I'm not surprised. The man was good!

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    4. Glenn Bishop, such a handsome man and so contradictory.
      One of the golden boys of that era in physique photography.
      Willingly posing and selling his image to a gay audience.
      Marketing swimwear, appearing in physique magazines and making a very good living from it all. Then towards the end of his physique career writes an opinion in a physique magazine that they and their customers are deviates. Deviates whose monies put Mr Bishop through chiropractic shool
      and enabling him to enjoy a successful career and life in that field.
      Years later an author writing a book about physique history, sought out Mr Bishop for an interview and was given a rather rude brush-off, so sad.
      Other physique models from that golden era, men like Dan Lurie, Ed Fury, Vic Siepke, Richard Harrison, Joe Leitel and others, remember with fondness and good-humor their physique modeling and knowing who those customers would be. Mr Bishop should have taken a lesson from those MEN and their outlook.
      Jerry, I highly recommend the book Male Beauty:Post-War Masculinity by Kenneth Krauss. It has a great chapter about Mr Bishop and other chapters on other physique models and studios.
      -Rj inthe IE

    5. Yes, I read a documented account of a researcher who looked up Glen Bishop decades into his career as a chiropractor. It seems his wife was the receptionist, and when the caller respectfully said he was writing an article on the golden age of physique modeling, she became very brusque and basically hung up on him after some sharp words.