Saturday, August 20, 2022

Modern Look

The last piece in our Allyn Cox series is an undated, unnamed work that has a 
"rough around the edges" modern look.  The man knew how to portray the male body, no?



  1. Yes!! All his nude studies exude a definite sensuality.

    1. Oh, I agree. Allyn Cox, despite having painted many murals in the Capitol and elsewhere, isn't as well known as I might expect.

    2. Well no big surprise that you've uncovered all of this (in more ways than one). Your website is consistently fresh, stimulating and so revelatory. I consider it a privilege. And I've so enjoyed our correspondence too. You probably don't identify or remember me from my very first correspondence to you the jist of which was that that old, diseased, well worn checkered couch featured in so much of the work of "Old Reliable" should have been gifted to the Smithsonian Institute as an icon of our American mid-century cultural heritage. And then later my tell-all self-expose: my day and night posing before the lens of Mr. Bob Mizer. xoxo

    3. Oh, I remember and have found our exchanges equally enjoyable. I'm left wondering if the Smithsonian would have felt compelled to clean that sofa or would have kept it in situ for posterity, stains, smells, and all. Thanks for your kind words, and for participating!

    4. Hopefully the smells would have "worn off" but the stains should definitely have stayed. It's interesting in a way to wonder where that sofa went or is.
      It probably ended up in like a Goodwill Store and someone acquired it? And to this day, never realized its cultural significance. OK. This isn't it but it's almost pretty close, and what's so funny is that it's actually shown in the Smithsonian Magazine. lol lol lol

    5. And there it is . . . or one very similar. I think they made about 5 million with that fabric pattern, maybe more.