Friday, August 12, 2022

Pages 14-15

Ed Fury got a three page spread (one more follows) and a centerfold in this edition of 
Grecian Guild Pictorial.  The photos are by Frank Collier of Art Kraft of Norfolk, Virginia.



  1. Ed Fury, one of the best-looking men of his generation and still with among us (in 2022)

    1. Glad for the update on Mr. Fury. Last time I checked was a few years ago.

    2. Yes, definitely! Since I saw his pictures on the AMG book I thought the same.
      It was funny and sad to see him on that “Star Trek” Episode.

    3. Oh yes "sweet cheeks honey buns" Ed Fury, Mr. Collier must have enjoyed having him over at the apartment !
      Ed Fury seemed to enjoy himself in all the photos I have seen him in. He must have been a great model to work with.
      Ed Fury also made some physique shorts ( Ed Fury at the Beach- AMG, A Day with Fury- Apollo and Because of Him- Zenith)
      He certainly had nothing to be ashamed of.
      -RJ in the IE.

    4. Yes, Ed always looked comfortable and happy when he posed.

  2. L'avoir a la maison dans le salon, dans la cuisine et dans le jardin,
    un reve devenu realite! Une grande distraction avec son beau corps,
    mais ensuite tu t'habituerais a lui. Une grande joie dans la maison!

    Gentilhomme a Paris