Friday, August 12, 2022

Pages 38-39

The studios in the ads were generally contributors to the photo displays 
in the magazine, if not the current issue, then at other times.  On the opposite 
side we have a nice photo of the great John Tristram by Russ Warner.


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  1. Dammit where's that time machine ! They better hurry up and build one, so I
    can meet John and dine at La Taix in Los Angeles, or Au Gai in SF, or Tavern on the Green NYC, or Berghoff's in Chicago, or Vargo's in Houston, or Parker's in Boston, or Outrigger in Seattle, or Embers in Miami, or Westport Room Union Station in Kansas City, or Evan's in Atlanta, or Antoine's in New Orleans, or Hala Terrace Honolulu, or LA Salle Du Bois in D.C. Well you get the picture!