Saturday, August 6, 2022

PaJaMa Day

When it comes to identifying who did what in the PaJaMa Collective of Paul Cadmus, Jared French, and Margaret Hoening, sorting out the art work is relative easy.  Each had a very distinctive style, and those rarely overlapped.  With photos, the general assumption is that the great bulk of the photos not featuring Jared French were made by him, with Margaret Hoening and Cadmus being less active in photography. We start with Joe (aka Jose) Martinez from 1945.



  1. Surprised there are no comments. He looks like an adorable little thing, hndssosme and natural -- and. lonely.

    1. I post these PaJaMa photos knowing that they usually don't get the viewer response that a lot of other types do. And you are right, the model is excellent. If you cut and paste this link into your browser, you'll see this and two other photos of him I've posted :