Wednesday, August 10, 2022


This is from a 1980s publication called "Virile Images of America" in which 
Roy Dean mixed color with black and white images.  It's a bit beyond the usual time 
frame I prefer for the blog, but I couldn't pass on posting this great photo.



  1. Actually, you're safe on the time frame. Even though that publication might be 1980s, I remember this model and series from the early 1970s.

  2. i dont like the lighting and his pose, i mean, straighten your back

  3. The model and this photograph certainly fit in with the title of the publication. It just screams virility to me.

    Loved this series, Jerry. You managed to bring even more colour to this lovely sunny day.


  4. Once again not letting me publish with my Blogger name... it's Greg Spaulding... BozB

  5. He puts me in mind of the Belvedere Torso. Thighs of a hero or god. Thanks!

  6. Great foto of Vautelbugh, and the title of the book fits this foto.
    Nice pose. When I posed in Hawaii, me and the photographer went to an inland area of tall grasslands. Kneehigh grass and some of it came up to my ass! Frolicking about nude and the kind photographer loved my exuberance. It was the most beautiful and memorable 4-day weekend of my life. ...:)