Saturday, September 10, 2022

Cover Man - Unknown

Unfortunately, we don't have a name for Lon's handsome calendar cover man.



  1. That is Clive Poster, a very successful British bodybuilder, who was extebsively featured in the early '50s in magazines such as Bodybuilder and Health & Strength. This is one of series taken at London's Hyde Park, which Lon used as a locale. This was taken in Summer, Lon also shot him there in the snow in Winter. Clive Poster also did some nude work.

    Clive Poster was also featured as the Good Humor Man in Young Physique (by Body Beautiful Publications) Volume 1, Number 1 in the August of 1958. (He seems to have earned a reputation for being easy-going and possessing a sense of humour.) He was last heard of only a couple of years ago in his 80s, giving advice about diet in older age.

    Lastly, for those interested, Clive Poster always wore far briefer posing trunks - which we today would call a bikini - to those habitually worn in North America at that time. This demonstrates what in fact was a considerable difference between British and American culture in the 1950s, where Britain, although equally conformist, seems to have been far less puritan when it came to the male physique.

    1. Thanks for the ID and the fascinating details. Most impressive!

  2. VERY belatedly. Another Hyde Park, white briefs photo was Poster kissing a female statue on the mouth. His legs were said to be “outstanding” or something like that. Poster took up physique photography, selling full frontal nudes. He put white paint on the naughty bits, telling buyers “Don’t worry, this comes off.” He was charged and convicted of sending obscene images through the mails. As I recall, sentenced to prison.