Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Donald via Bryan B.


Bryan B. provided our last Hoffman of Edinburgh photo of the day.  It's easy to see why 
Donald Monk here would be under contract.  Monk the hunk!  Sorry, I couldn't resist that.  
And thanks Bryan, for this and the others you sent.


  1. Donald, where's your troosers?! Luckily Mr. Monk didn't bother with such attire for his photo shoot. Yes, very easy to see why he would be under contract.

    Scotland is a wonderful country and Hoffman and the excellent models have done their nation proud. Another great series, Jerry.


    1. Thanks, Peter. As a proud Scottish-American, I really wanted to do right by Mr. Hoffman and his models. After six visits to Scotland, I can say that both the country and many of the men are beautiful.

  2. sa sant for skottlands menn og det skjonnhet. den bestemte herr monk holder sverdet godt. *osloson