Thursday, September 15, 2022

Donn and Pete


While we might wish for a clearer image, I like this Scott magazine photo of Donn Farr 
and Pete Gregory.  I had a PE teacher and coach who spelled his name Donn, and he was a 
surprisingly decent and humane guy for a Texas high school phys-ed type.


  1. Well, if I have learnt anything this week, it is that there was most certainly a fad and a fashion in Britain for dressing upward in the late 50s, early 60s. Messrs Farr and Gregory both do so, without detracting from their two colossal physiques.

    1. I wonder how widely beyond the bodybuilder/physique model circles that fashion extended?

    2. Well, there is the Court record of the Montagu trial. And I do recall an mental image that has never left me, burnt so to speak on my memory, which was at the local swimming pool. As a young voyeur, I saw a man in the changing rooms who put on a very brief pair of see-through briefs to be worn under his larger trunks and he manipulated himself in the upright position. I later discovered he was in the local police! That was particularly idiosyncratic behaviour, so I just don't know.

    3. So the evidence mounts. The London police have had some very interesting characters over the years. Harry Daley immediately leapt into my mind when I read your latest comment.

  2. My swim coach was hands on for the swim team. He never instructed us from the pooldeck, he jumped in the pool with us. We were made to practice in the nude, no suits! This at a Jesuit boarding school my parents sent me to in the summer during my HS years 1968-72. Sent there to instill discipline in me, it worked...:)