Sunday, September 11, 2022

Man Alive I

Man Alive was a popular British magazine which featured some great models and photographers, and this is from one of the very earliest editions.  I initially thought the model's name might have actually been Don Robinson as opposed to Ron Dobinson, but my genealogy index says there is an Anglo-Norman family called Dobinson.  Pete Dobing was the photographer.



  1. Wow. THAT'S a phenomenally perfect ass if ever I saw one!

  2. I have of course heard of Man ALIVE but must confess that at the time, I had no idea of its existence. This is perhaps because the one outlet where the newsagent was prepared to sell such publications to minors - thus breaking the law - himself bought from the huge number of physique magazines imported from the USA, which were cheap and he could make more money on a larger mark up. This was in the West Country city of Bath, only a shout from my father's country house. It would have been well nigh impossible to go to Soho, which was the underground gay part of London, because I would have been swooped on by the police. The upshot is that I was far, far more familiar with American models and publications than British. Believe it or not, it was through Lon of New York that I first came across Clive Poster, the British bodybuilder featured yesterday, who had done some full frontal work for him in order to break into the American market.

    1. Odd that imports would be cheaper than locally produced material. I visited some guys in Bath who had a WWII air raid shelter for their wine cellar.

  3. Photographer - Pete Dobing
    Model - Ron Dobinson
    Maybe Pete is Ron's dad, or even "dad" ?

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