Saturday, September 10, 2022

October - Peter Homes

Is there a typo, i.e. should that be Holmes instead of Homes?



  1. I have searched diligently, but nothing is coming up this side of the pond.

    The Scottish surname Homes is in fact a variant of Home, pronounced as its more phonetic version of Hume. (A good example of the Great Vowel Shift at work.) In England, Holmes ultimately from the Old Norse meaning "small island" (as in Stockholm). The two origins have now become confused and conflated.

    What I wanted to note, however, is the length of Mr Homes hair, which to an untrained eye might appear more 1960s than '50s. When doing my research, I was initially most struck by the fact that the hair styles for men in England had a brief period, between the very late 1940s and mid-'50s, when they were surprisingly longer. (Look at Clive Poster, the English bodybuilder in the first of today's offerings, who also wore his hair comparatively long as another example.)

    1. I did notice a bit of a mop on this one. Thanks for the details, Julian!

  2. This is only the 2nd photo I've seen of Mr Homes (and that's the spelling I have for him too).