Friday, September 30, 2022

The Tim T. Collection - Butch Magazine, Issue No. 4

By 1966 when DSI published the fourth edition of Butch, the legal status of male nude photography was in a state of flux across the USA.  As early as 1962 that great pioneer of expressive freedom and gay rights, Chuck Renslow of Kris Studio, had won a court case based on the fact that a nude photo he published had pretty much the same content as a Chicago museum piece.  That opened doors, but only in the parts of the country where the Chicago Circuit Court of Appeals had jurisdiction.  There was a confusing patchwork of legality when DSI put out the magazine that I am posting in it's entirety today.  There is full frontal nudity, but there are also posing strap photos, semi-nudes, and quite a bit of text justifying freedom of expression.  I consider this publication to be a pivotal moment in both Gay History and the history of freedom of expression.  I would not have this material were it not for the exceptional generosity of Tim T. who donated it to me.  Thanks a million, Tim!



  1. Great series today!

    The model in this post is David Mineric from AMG. He often played the bad guy in several of Mizer's films and I got the impression it wss not a big stretch for him.

    David told Miizer his ultimate goal was to be a gigolo.

    1. Thanks, James! David's career goal and type casting are almost a caricature of the bad boy AMG model.

    2. Indeed! The words "gigolo" and "bad boy" could be used for many of them.

      One of the Orlando brothers said during his videotaped posing session how he enjoyed the company of "generous older men". The fact he looked straight into the lens and gave us a sly grin made me think...well it pays to advertise and I'm surprised more models don't take the opportunity.