Tuesday, October 18, 2022


This was originally labeled "Male nude 47," but Ken went back later and added:
"Chin-chin old thing - bottoms up!"



  1. The male on the right reminds me of Groucho Marx. The face, that is.

  2. At my school, the senior boys were all given permission - and encouraged - to watch Richard Nixon's historical state visit to China in 1972 as it was broadcast round the world. Later coverage of the state dinner was an agony to watch. The stilted, over-rehearsed speeches made by brain-dead party hacks and apparatchiks finally drew to a close with a toast. A surprisingly young female with short hair, in the obligatory Mao suit and looking remarkably like our head boy (who that year was Chinese), stood to pledge inter-galactic solidarity and everlasting friendship, finishing with a toast. "Bottoms up!" she intoned joylessly, and the whole common room burst out laughing in spasms of mirth. Don't boys have dirty little minds...

    1. Of course boys have dirty minds. I think it pretty close to the top of the job description list. Great story!