Sunday, October 2, 2022

Von Gloeden Triple Feature, Part 2 - Semi-nude and one G

Von Gloeden did not necessarily have to show genitals or derrieres to produce erotic works,
and this young man in a swampy papyrus patch is a fine example.
Disclosure:  I removed yellowing from this image.



  1. As part of his public works programme, Benito Mussolini organized the draining of the Pontine marshes 60km from Rome, considered to be the main focus of malaria in central Italy. In 1943, faced with the advance of the Allies who landed in Sicily, Germans sabotaged the water infrastructure there in order to encourage its reappearance. At this date, this young man would have been running a serious risk of contracting the disease, although I'm not sure this is taken at the Pontine marshes - I get the impression he worked in the South of the country, if not Sicily. I am glad he did, because this is a fabulous picture.

    1. AFAIK, von Gloeden never worked in the Rome area, but malaria could easily have been a risk in the areas farther south where he lived and worked.