Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Al Urban and Unknown Academic

Al Urban used an unknown model in a photo which mimics the academic piece at right.  In one of those quirks that's hard to explain or understand, we not know the rather good artist who made the painting because he or she didn't sign it, and the academy didn't record the name.  Art historians have even made major projects out of trying to identify unknown academic artists by comparing the better ones to known quantities in terms of style and composition, usually to no avail at all.



  1. I've done this pose several times. Ideally, one has a secure fastening for the rope. Allowing the model to build tension and "balance" on this.

    1. Thanks to your previous comments, I knew that it was likely for the rope to be well anchored. I can't imagine the drawing being as realistic without it, and I really think the tension accentuates the model's musculature.