Friday, November 4, 2022

Arm in Arm

There's some kind of joke or horseplay going on at left here.
And is that Ron Wallace second from right?



  1. Yeah, that's Ron Wallace. I recently posted another photo from this session. It's from Wynyard & Bevins and Brian has helped me by sending some more. I'm trying to get names for the DILF on the right and the guy on the left with the tennis balls sized scrotum.

    1. I thought this might be Wyngate and Bevins, so thanks for confirming that as well as the ID. And if you find any solo shots of Mr. Tennis Balls, you have to post them . . . not that you'd need any encouragement.

    2. Hey James, I've just found another group photo of "your" DILF. It also has Doug Jackson (Sonny Landham) and J.D. Gregg in it. It looks to be from a colour slide and has "© 1966 By Wyngate & Bevins, Inc" across the bottom. I'll send it to you.

  2. This is lovely. Like an Art deco frieze, but with live men.