Saturday, November 5, 2022

Bob G.

The setting here reminds me of the pine forest on the Angeles Crest Highway,
and Bob Gentry is the icing on the scenic cake.



  1. Yes, icing on the cake and the topper too ! The body beautiful.
    Bob Gentry one of the many handsome men of the physique era
    and photographer Ralph Kelly, we will never see their likes again.
    Bob looks younger in his photos by Kelly and older in his photos by Bellas.
    -Rj in the IE

    1. Quite a few of these models had a gap of years between their work for one photographer and another. And of course, many also had uninterrupted modeling careers that extended over a decade or more.

  2. You should do a series on the models with the longest physique careers
    and a series on the rare Golden Era models who are known to have only
    done a posing session once.
    -Rj in the IE