Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Garment question

Swimwear or underwear?  Perhaps our resident expert Calorman 
will clue us inas to just what Mr. Davidson is wearing here.



  1. I've had a good look and it seems that the front and back panels are held together with a ring. Now, you could get underwear in that style, high on the Richter Scale of kinkiness for the time - in fact that fad and fashion comes and goes regularly - but usually in much lighter materials. These trunks are of much sterner stuff and so I think they must be bathers, in the latest bikini style. They would probably not be welcome in a public or municipal pool - except, perhaps, in easy-going California - which means that young Mr Davidson was in the vanguard of men's fashions for the time, which were increasingly brief. However, as I have said often enough before, as from the mid-50s onward, as a result of the introduction of Nylon, Dacron and, in 1958, Lycra - by DuPont - men's underwear was increasingly risqué and sheer and brief, but was worn beneath traditional day wear. (The original marketing for Jockey Skants in 1958 featured a man in a traditional two-piece suit, collar and tie with a trilby hat.) It's just a guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Davidson's bathers were made of Dacron, a form of stretch Polyester which was less clingy than Spandex (a play on the word "expand") the main ingredient of which was Lycra. He certainly wears them well.

    1. I knew I could count on you, Julian, for the story on the suit. And yes, he looks good in them.

  2. It looks like a pose you'd see in an ad for men's skivvies.