Sunday, November 13, 2022


I got this from the former blog Nekkid Days, and Tom said this 
photo of U.S. military men was made in the state of Mississippi.



  1. It's from the LIFE photo archive, part of a photo set called "US Army Manoeuvers Mississippi" taken by Thomas McAvoy in August, 1938.

  2. Hi, how have you been? Always a good time when men bathing in the river, btw his blog is deleted and i was shocked, i wish all the best for him

  3. I see a number of revealing photos of naked men that are stated to be from Life magazine. It must be remembered that none of the photos that show penises were actually in the magazine. The public wouldn't have accepted that. If these were taken by photographers who sometimes submitted pictures to Life but not shown there, it indicates a healthy attitude and interest in naked men. If any such pictures actually made it into the magazine is beyond my knowledge. If they did, it would have been wonderful.

    1. If you put "Life" into the search box at lower right, some previous discussion of this topic will come up, especially in the comments. The men in the nude photos were told that their privates would be cropped out of the published versions, and that was true. What no one knew was that LIFE would keep the uncropped originals in an archive that would go onto a thing called the internet decades later.