Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Mr. U

I never knew there was a Mr. Universe magazine until I found this.
It was issued after Mr. Churchill became a wrestler.



  1. The high waist and high rise leg are right on the money for the time.

    Talking of money, Mr Universe cost a whole 1/6d (the "d" for dinarius, the Latin for penny), and would have been spoken as "one and six". Sixpence was 1⁄40 of one pound or half of one shilling. That sum became 7½ pence upon decimalization in 1972, the new ha'penny being an old penny. The penny was the basic unit of currency in Anglo-Saxon England. Cramming 240 pence into one decimal pound was contributory to the hyperinflation we suffered in the late 1970s and as a result, the new ha'penny was abolished in 1984. Our smallest coin is now the two pence piece.

    The Aussies and Kiwis had better sense. They halved the pound, and took 10 shilllings as their respective dollars. Cramming 120 pence into a dollar was far less traumatic and they escaped inflation with a smaller unit.

    1. I knew about the jarring conversion process, but not that it added greatly to inflation. Proposals to abolish the US penny have gone nowhere.

    2. Sorry, our smallest coin remains the new penny, which is the former tuppence, or two-pence. I clearly need to see a chiropodist. Even when I remember to take my socks and shoes off, I still manage to get it wrong.