Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Bill Cunny, thank you MFBT

I'm beginning and ending the Spartan photos with images I borrowed from James at Men From Back Then.  This is Bill Cunny, and there will be a link to James' fine blog at the end.



  1. Nice pose. Nice lighting. What we like is front and centre, and his body is fantastic.

    1. True, plus the fleece he's sitting on gives it a Classical feel.

  2. Spartan of Hollywood so inspired by ancient Greece as seen in this photo.
    A statue of Greek antiquity brought to life, a blessing from Apollo.
    Perhaps because the man behind Spartan WAS Constantine Hassalevris,
    no doubt inspired by his Greek heritage. Born in New York City, NY in 1913, trained as a dancer and photographer of ballet, interviewed and wrote about ballet for magazines and other publications. He even photographed bullfights and announced them on broadcasts. A collection of his pre-physique work 1939-1951 is held by the New York Public Library. Constantine died in 1982 and is buried at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles, CA. (so fitting for this series)
    - Rj/IE