Monday, December 5, 2022

Bob McCune

Russ Warner didn't take all that many posing strap shots, 
but I found this nice one of Bob McCune.



  1. Jerry your spoiling me rotten !
    How dare you bring another image of Bob McCune here, I'll need my smelling salts like a certain Senatrice from South Carolina.
    Bob McCune, another of those stunning golden era men.
    The face, the body, - everything.
    What a great way to start the Christmas holiday approaching us.
    - Rj/IE

    1. This one came straight out of the sword and sandal movie era, but the sandals are missing.

    2. Hollywood missed out on that genre of peplum films that the Italians laughed to the bank with from 1958-1965 making 150 in all.
      Hercules, Ursus, Ulysees, Goliath, Maciste, Samson, Jason, etc.
      played by the likes of Steve Reeves, Gordon Mitchell, Dan Vadis, Lou Degni, Ed Fury, Reg Park, Gordon Scott, Mark Forest, Mickey Hargitay,
      and the Italians Kirk Morris/Adriano Bellini and Alan Steel/Sergio Ciani.
      The Italian producers and the American distributors were shrewd, American muscle-men were used to appeal to American audiences as demanded by American distributors and the Italian producers cajoled the Technicolor Company to build a film lab in Rome to provide color film at a discount as the Italians threatened to use Kodaks Eastmancolor.

  2. Monsieur McCune - Un symbole de protection avec cette epee.
    Un si bel homme avec un corps incroyable!
    Il fait preuve de vigeur, de force et de volonte.
    Un beau visage et un corps bien forme.
    Les biceps bombes, le ventre bien developpe et ses belles cuisses.
    Un temple dedie au culte du corps. Une symbole phallique a venerer comme en dieu.

    Gentilhomme a Paris