Monday, December 12, 2022

Diamondhead Surfer

Charles Kauha was photographed by Frank Davey on Waikiki Beach in 1898.  The board 
type was called Alaia, and it went out of use by 1900.  There have, however, been some 
modern copies made to commemorate the type.  I find Mr. Kauha to be magnificent.


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  1. Jerry, here you go sending me into another convulsion of commenting.
    I've glanced at your Hawaii tab, have I missed out or what? Anyways back to this photo of magnificent Hawaii, the Hawaii of the past.
    A native Hawaiian in HIS habitat and already modern tourism for then moving in, one has to wonder what happened to him.
    You think they would have been better off building the hotels several miles inland and then have people commute to the beach on wide boulevards in controlled numbers. That way Waikiki Beach would look like this today. - Rj