Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Emil and Alice

Here we see Mr. Bonnet with Alice Everett in 1939.  Note that he left the letter e 
off the end of his given name in the autograph once again.  



  1. I have had a good look online and although I can find several images, I have found only one reference to Mr Bonnet (on the Muscle Memory website) let alone some biographical detail. "Bonnet" is most definitely a surname of French origin - there are records of such even in England, the family arriving in the wake of William the Conqueror. The name Émile - or more properly Emile as only rarely do capitalized letters in French carry accents - is most definitely the French version of the name, Emil being the German version which is also used in Eastern Europe (Emil und die Detektive - Emil and the Detectives being the children's book by Erich Kästner and one of my favourites as a boy.) There being nothing standing in the way of a German having a French surname, with such a paucity of biographical detail, least of all of his origins, it is impossible to work out why there was such confusion over his name. It seems that he was featured in an early French bodybuilding magazine, so perhaps he rose to fame as "Emile" when he was properly Emil and it stuck.

    1. There are several men of that name on various genealogical sources, but none that I would call a close fit. The best possibility would seem to be a man from Clermont, France who passed away in the 1990s, but I'm not sure.