Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Jack Harris

I made this composite to show both sides of Jack Harris.
I find his smile to be charming.



  1. Good composite to see both front and back, I'm surprised the physique photographers didn't try using two cameras to get both front and back simultaneously or a single camera with mirrors. -Rj/IE

    1. The mirror treatment has been done often enough that I have done series of them. (See label in right column of this page.) They were usually done at an oblique angle, though, and don't show a straight-on front or back view.

    2. Checked your mirror series, standouts are David Miller, Terry Redpath, Larry Briggs, Paul Duckworth and Ted Starkowski, the muse of Lynes.
      Also, the unknowns #11 & 15 from 1-14-20 and #20 from 6-10-19, got to find out who the models are. Miller, Redpath, Duckworth and unknowns #11 and #20 have the makings of Dorian Gray. I'll leave comments on each of them, they're so good. -Rj/IE