Monday, December 5, 2022

Los Angeles Week, Day 1 - Russ Warner

Let's spend a week in LA

Back in October when I posted a series featuring my top 12 American classic era physique photographers, I was not surprised to find that five of them were based in Los Angeles.  I also 
realized that there were quite a few more worthy photographers and graphic artists from that city.  So starting today, I'm doing an entire week of LA based professionals whom I did not include back then.  You won't be seeing the first group of Bob Mizer, Pat Milo, Fred Kovert, Bruce Bellas, and Lyle Frisby, but instead will get an in depth look at seven others, starting today with Russ Warner.



  1. The Hollywod Bowl, the Lockheed Super "G" Constellation on a warm Southern California night and a great poster of Los Angeles from that time.
    Jerry you know your imagery, what a gift of insight.
    Being a native Southern Californian myself, I and I think many others who come to your wonderful physique site, will be looking forward to this series of LA based professionals. - Rj inthe IE

    1. Thanks for your kind words and for your participation on the blog, Rj.