Friday, December 9, 2022

Los Angeles Week, Day 5 - Ralph Kelly Popup

Day five of LA Week features the work of Ralph Kelly. 
Having just featured his work a month ago, this will be a popup.



  1. Another retro travel!

  2. The mission, the mountains, the ocean, the palm trees and the fire-tail plants
    make for a poster that says Los Angeles. The TWA Lockheed Constellation so symbolic of California, they were manufactured here after all. Just like the one my grandmother flew down to Los Angeles from San Francisco in 1956, she stayed in Southern California and never looked back. Big demand on her, San Francisco was her and the family's hometown and Orange County was "hix-ville" compared to "the City." When I came along in '63 granma decided it wasn't so bad. -Rj/IE

    1. The Constellation was more or less created for TWA at the prodding of Howard Hughes. Of course other airlines bought it as well, but TWA had a huge fleet of them.

    2. From what I have read, good ole Howard had TWA lease the fleet through one of his companies Hughes Tool Co. Thru depreciation and the tax code TWA just about got the aircraft for nothing. -Rj