Sunday, December 11, 2022

Los Angeles Week, Day 7 - Bobco

For the last day of our week in LA, I found a 1970-ish postcard.  There were actually more than seven remaining artists worthy of inclusion, and the last spot came down to a choice between Bobco and David of California.  I went with Bobco, partly because I like Bob Carr's work and partly because I'm holding out some faint hope that someone will come forward with more of his work to share.



  1. Los Angeles landmarks of DownTown.
    Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, (in the middle)
    Thank You Dorothy for bringing high culture to LA !
    City Hall (to the right) 32 story art deco masterpiece.
    A hall that could use better governance instead of a council of scandals.
    Dept. of Water & Power Bldg. (to the left)
    Where the real power resides in more ways than one.
    What a great way to celebrate LA !
    The physique culture that opened quite a few closets and let in some fresh air.
    You boys from a certain time know what I'm talking about, when one is/was compelled to act "normal" for the sake of family, friends, co-workers and the public. When one goes to live in a closet, the one you try to make as comfortable as possible, only to gradually find to one's horror, that comfortable closet has become a stultifying tomb !
    (I put is/was in the comment because it's still suffocating many, it ain't right.)
    Jerry, Thank You for this wonderful series on LA's photo-physique culture.
    Bob Carr / Bobco, one of the rare ones. Rj inthe IE