Friday, December 2, 2022

Popup! Big Boys in Wet Onesies

Our popup post this week has some swimmers in onesies, or singlets if you prefer.
We start with two daring men who broke the rules by folding down their tops to go Tarzan.



  1. You have treated us to this photo before, I believe. I get a distinct Italian feel to this image - perhaps it's the nonchalant, off-the-shoulder number which I think may well have been designed as such, or to be worn in this way according to taste, because as the new century progressed, all sorts of variations on a theme saw the light of day as Victorian prudery (in public) receded - until the tops were abandoned altogether and swimming trunks as we know them emerged as a brief.

    1. Yes, I also thought they might be Italian. And I may indeed have posted it before, either on my old tumblr or very early on this blog.