Monday, December 12, 2022

Pre-1900 Hawaiian Men

And now for something completely different . . . 

Today I'm posting my five favorite images of Hawaiian men from prior to 1900.  We start 
with a man and his outrigger canoe, long before the huge hotels took over Waikiki.



  1. My goodness, an unspoilt Waikiki. Paradise lost.

    1. Really. The place is currently the focus of our state's pivot away from mass tourism. I should say "attempt" to pivot, though, because entrenched business interests are resisting the locals' cries that it's all just too much.

  2. They destroyed paradise and created a parking lot.
    My father's cousin Marion was a stewardess from 46-51 and she worked the San Francisco to Hawaii service. With the prop jobs of the time, it took 10-12 hours to get to Hawaii. All their passengers then were the very well to-do as they were the only ones who could afford it. According to her, Hawaii was paradise then, now not so much due to the traffic and overcrowding (as she told me - 1990s). It really was a dream-job for her, and she got to know at least Honolulu and even met some native Hawaiians. It was the first time she saw outriggers in action, but not surfboard riding. She had already seen that in California in the late 30s. She also had some recipes she got from the locals,
    one was simple, make up some pineapple spears, melon spears, chunks of papaya and mango and serve them with a dipping sauce made from lime yogurt spiked with peppermint schnapps. Another was her own Hawaiian Ambrosia of chopped up Hawaiian fruits, sliced banana, tangerine segments,
    place in a large glass bowl, add tropical fruit juice and a few shots of macadamia nut liqueur and top it all off with shredded coconut, crushed macadamia nuts, maraschino cherries and serve. A winner at luau parties.
    In 1951 she married one of the pilots and thus ended her work as a stewardess. (in those days a stewardess had to be single) - Rj/IE