Thursday, December 8, 2022

Ron Brouillete

Most of you are aware by now that I hold a lot of physique photographers' renditions of cowboys in disdain.  That is not necessarily the case with Mel Roberts, however, and Ron Brouillete here is a good example.  While pants legs are not routinely worn inside boots by real cowboys, there are occasions where the practice is appropriate.  Everything else about this picture . . . the hat, the boots, the denim jacket, and his stance . . . says "this is the real deal."  And Ron is drop dead gorgeous.  Click on the Mel Roberts label in the right hand column to see Mr. B with his pants all the way off.



  1. Nice to get your expert view on the 'cowboy' look, Jerry, and pleased to hear that Mr. B. makes the grade for you (and me) in more ways than just the clothes.


    1. Thanks, Peter. This guy and Dick Dene are the absolute best cowboy models in my collection.

    2. I agree, and my admiration for Mr. Dene has been mentioned on more than one occasion!