Friday, January 6, 2023

Bob Heppe Day

Bob Heppe started out at AMG and got his own mini-bio and promotional blurb for a film.  Before long, however, he moved over to HRM where he seems to have remained as a "permanent member of their production staff."  His ambition was to be a doctor, but I couldn't find any follow-up on that.  The squiggles say he was a typical man, domineering, affable, and agreeable.



  1. So pleased to see Bob Heppe getting his own series. I'm a big fan. He may not be the most conventionally good looking​ model but there's something really attractive about him. The fur, bush and other attributes are all part of the appeal too, of course. I read elsewhere that he was in the Marines before. he started modelling.


    1. Oddly perhaps, he's not one of my favorites, but does deserve his own series