Monday, January 16, 2023

Ditching the posing strap

Our last picture of Helmut shows him just having pushed aside his posing strap.



  1. Great series, Jerry. It always a treat to see Mr. Riedmeyer - one of the very best and he seems like a really nice guy too. I remember you saying before that he was alive and well living in Hamburg and had posted online about his grandchild. I hope he's still keeping well and is aware of how much his modelling work is appreciated.


    1. Glad you enjoyed Helmut Day, Peter. I've read that he does have a reputation for being a nice guy.

  2. Way to go, Herr Riedmeier! It's cool to see you blazing the trail to pride in the male body. Of course, your body was outstanding.

  3. Frecher Helmut! Zeigen woifer er ausserhalb des Korperkultur bekkant war.
    Dieser schone Phallus, von vielen bewundert und von einegen beneidet.
    Er ist ein schamloser Mann. Helmut wurde von den Alten vereht werden.
    Ein sehr williges Korpermodell, der Fotograf muss ekstatisch gewesen sei!

  4. Merci pour cette page sur Monsieur Riedmeier. Il est beau, heureux de lire qu'il est vivant et bien avec sa famille a Hambourg. Ravi de recontrer M. austriche.
    Mon amis, encore merci!

    Gentilhomme a Paris

  5. Good to hear Riedmeier has a good, well-deserved family life....:)

  6. Such a sexy photo of an always sexy man! Glad to read he is still alive and well in Germany.