Sunday, January 22, 2023


These two grapplers are Eric Ryan and Dirk Caldwell.  I don't know which is which.
Old Reliable did extensive sets of wrestling photos and even some movies.



  1. Both guys worked in gay porn. Dirk Caldwell had several other names, including Jim Larson, Eric Dahl and Keith Panther.

  2. Is that a TV set in the background? I've noticed - largely through physique photography - that TV screens in America were round as well as that sort of lozenge shape. We never had those in Britain and I wonder if that has to do with the different systems used - NTSC and Pal.

    1. If that is a TV, it was already a virtual antique when the photo was made.

    2. USA had porthole/round tvs in the late 40s early 50s. They fell out of favor because rectangular tubes gave a full picture with no cutoffs at the edges. Round tv tubes were easier and cheaper to manufacture at first. They were also not prone to air leaks. R&D brought the rectangular tube to the fore, air leaks were eliminated, and mass production brought down their costs.....:)

  3. Caldwell is cladwell. .... lo-lol....:)