Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Tan lines

The pose is trite, but effective, and Jim Nelsen's tan lines are nice.



  1. This is a great series, Jerry. Mr. Nelsen is a handsome guy and a great model. For what it's worth, this early, presumably pre-military, photo is my favourite. I prefer his hair and the slightly trimmer frame in this photo. The tan lines are great too and nicely emphasise that lovely package.


    1. Thanks to Brian E's usual generosity, I now have several additional photos of Mr. Nelsen, along with a short bio. Seems he had two phases to his modeling career which were presumably separated by a stint as a paratrooper. The tattoo and military haircut appear later in his work with Pat Milo, while the earlier shots are by AMG and Falcon. He was a competitive bodybuilder before going into the forces, even selling his exercise tips.