Sunday, January 29, 2023

Ten Twentieth Century Male Nude Paintings

I tend to post a lot of 19th Century art because the male nude was a standard academic exercise during that time.  Well, the trend did extend into the 20th Century, plus there were a lot of non-academic works done then.  So today we'll take a mixed look across seven decades.  Our first item is a 1910 academic painting by female Danish artist Bodil Rohweder.  This is said to be her graduation piece.



  1. This is my favourite of this post. It seems "realistic," and is artistic as well. When you say it was her graduation piece...who got a piece of what? Lol.

    1. No matter who got what, I'm sure she passed at the top of the class.

  2. portrett av en flotte danske ! godt utfort av froken rohweder. * osloson

  3. Goodness, this is gorgeous. That soft, yet modelling light. The drab, paint spattered walls and floor. The inclusion of his foot wedge. Timeless...As you would guess, I love it...Thank you for posting Jerry.