Monday, January 23, 2023

The moon?

I think we have two moons going on here.  And are those ballet slippers?



  1. Comme l'Homme au gong du J Arthur Rank films d'Angleterre.
    Cet homme a un beau physique, beau dos fort.

    Gentilhomme a Paris

    1. I thought I'd seen something like this before. Thanks GiP!

  2. This image is a bit contrived in an arty-farty sort of way... so I am not sure whether those are female shoes. They are certainly not sports issue of any kind. The only suggestion I have is that they might be tap-dancing pumps. These were rarely seen being on the flat of the stage and often covered in the wider trousers of the time. (Fred Astaire, of course, had patent leather shoes custom made for him to go dancing cheek to cheek.)

  3. Those look like typical ballroom dancing shoes for men. Actually, typical shoes are black. Ballet shoes, usually called slippers, are almost always made of silk and are seldom black.