Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Troy Saxon Day

It's Troy Saxon Day on the blog, and we start the show with a picture that harkens back to Mr. Saxon's (aka Stuart "Pinky" Rosenberg) start in the business as an outdoor model while on spring break in California.  The model is Tommy Pollack, and the woodland setting makes me think of Spring.



  1. You are absolutely right to remind us that Troy Saxon spanned both the posing strap and frontal nude eras. Mr Saxon was one of those photographers who made good use of the Jockey Skants sports brief. This series of Tommy Pollack starts off with him in a pair which makes me wonder if it predated the frontal nude era and the photograph above was circulated later. He also photographed Donnie Kay - featured today - in a pair to great effect.

    1. I think you are probably correct about the distribution of the full frontal photo. Some photographers took the risk of distributing them with well known results. Some kept them for private enjoyment. And some saw the changes coming and held back until it was safe.