Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Christopher Coe Studio Set by Western Photography Guild

Don Whitman of Western Photography Guild was not only a great photographer, but he was also an astute businessman.  He was known for his meticulously organized cataloging system that worked well for both in store (yes, he sold photos in person) and mail orders.  I recently came across a marketing device he used that I was not previously familiar with.  A vintage resale website listed the material in today's series as a complete, mint condition package sales unit.  It includes five photos of a single model, Christopher Coe.  One of those five was a full size version of the picture on the sleeve the set came in.  So today it's Chris Coe in the studio by the great Don Whitman.



  1. Don Whitman was one of the best physique photogs, especially his outdoor work in the majestic scenery of Colorado with his handsome models.
    His family in Denver continues to sell prints of his work....:)

    1. Yes, his niece and nephew still make prints using the original negatives and methods. The Bob Mizer Foundation did a glowing review of the operation that included an interesting interview.