Monday, February 6, 2023

George Paine

Lon of New York, aka Alonzo Hanagan, was the first physique photographer to present a truly racially representative sample of models, featuring Blacks, Latinos, an Asian or two, and just about every imaginable European-American type.  To top that off, he even went to London and photographed guys from the other side of the Pond.  George Paine, shown above, is a fine example of Lon's work.



  1. The magnificent George Paine winner of many physique titles primarily from 1949-1954. Deserved the Mr America and Mr North America titles, but public prejudice got in the way. As they say Mr America, idealism or racism.

    1. True, and it wasn't just the Jim Crow South, either. The great bulk of these contests were held in parts of the country that were not officially segregated.

    2. Indiana back in the day was just as bad as the south. At one time in the 1920s the Governor and half the state assembly were Klansmen. Valparaiso University was Klan owned and Indianaplois was the most segregated city in the Mid-West. Blacks and immigrants were made to live along a city canal that was rife with malaria.

  2. Wow. What an abdomen. Those relaxed yet stunningly built shoulders..amazing.