Friday, February 10, 2023

Pgs. 6-7



  1. Joe Williams sporting a pair of what we here in Britain called "pegs" - usually with pleats at the front. They were a rerun of the "Oxford Bags" of the '30s and came back into fashion when the wartime rationing of textiles allowed a more generous cut. They may well evoke the "tighty whities" beneath but that was far from the story. Too loose to show a VPL, young men-about-town were more often than not in sheer, near see-through, Nylon bikinis. And if anyone is wondering what Mr Williams has on beneath, so am I...

    1. I vaguely remember hearing about peg pants in the late 50s.

  2. C'est bien de voir un mannequin dans sa vie de tous les jours 'a la 50s'.
    Le beau Joe Williams et la classique Thunderbird.
    Apres la guerre, nous avons eu le rationnement en France. Christian Dior a fait scandale avec ses robes 'new look', qui utilisaient des metres de tissu. Le luxe pour quelques-uns, peu pour beaucoup !

    Gentilhomme a Paris