Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Although I found this set on the same military history website as today's other posts, 
it is in a different configuration and missing the name and date.  I'm including it anyway 
because it was one of only a relatively few hairy men in the entire collection.



  1. The back of the strap has "SAMS H J" and then "GI44". I have never seen such poorly-fitting jockstraps than in these morphological photographs. There are several of them today as in other series, leading me to deduce that they were some sort of government issue. The one Sams H J, one for the use of, is unusable. Honestly, the person who designed that strap had clearly never worn one or knew what it was for! You should never wear anything that cuts across the glutes like that for active wear. The straps would impede the natural muscular action and cause bruising.

    1. I don't think they focused on the glutes when they designed these.