Friday, March 3, 2023

Andrew and Richard

These two are Andrew Merke and Richard Caldwell.  They did about 10 photos 
for Kovert as a duo, and they display heavy oiling and somewhat stilted poses.  
To me, they never seem to look quite comfortable with each other.



  1. Definitely a heavy duty oil job.

  2. I'll name this one Chained Melody, despite the fact that neither of them sports an Elvis Presley Memorial Quiff. Yes, "stilted" does sum it up well, when there could have been a lot of fluidity and movement in these poses.

    I was at school with a Caldwell. He was from the North Riding of Yorkshire, where there is a village of that name. I do know that one particularly prominent family with that name came from the historic (ceremonial) county of Renfrewshire in bonny Scotland. He always said that it meant "cold well" and that it was a Norman name. He didn't exactly have an eidetic memory but had an uncanny knack of always knowing in which chapter of a book or act of a play a certain event or conversation took place. His other claim to fame was belching very resonantly in stairwells which, at the age of 11, was a talent I much admired. He apparently did it in the bell loft of Salisbury Cathedral for which he earned what was called "a jolly good beating". The last I heard of him he was at home in his ancestral Yorkshire, happily riding his horses over the moors. I wonder where these two are now...

    1. Upon reflection, I think Mr. Kovert was going for macho and got stilted instead. Having said that, his customers probably loved it.

      Bear and I spent a lovely week in the Yorkshire Dales once, but never made it to Caldwell. You should have nicknamed your schoolmate "Caldwell of the Stairwell."