Wednesday, March 8, 2023


This is the closest thing to mainstream magazine type male nudes that I could find 
among Karlheinz Weinberger's work.  It's actually quite good, near Playgirl quality.



  1. The Engelbert Humperdinck hair dates it. (I mean the crooner, not the composer. The original Engelbert Humperdinck was of course German, but that's not really a problem when Switzerland is more of a geographical expression than a country.)

    1. I was able to understand Schwyzerdütsch (just barely), but they always switched to Hochdeutsch out of politeness if I engaged in conversation with them. And as expected, French words kept popping into it, but they tended to be words so common that even I knew most of them.

    2. It's an odd place. The canton is really where the Swiss live, with the confederation a sort of political gloss on the top, formed for negative rather than national reasons. Their political institutions on a confederate level are not very democratic, their history of human rights very questionable, and they practise a form of direct democracy through plebiscite which often produces a very extreme result in decision-making. With the influence of Zwingli and Calvin, it remains very much what the Anglosphere would call a puritan culture.