Saturday, March 11, 2023

Ron and Doug

Here we see Ron Wallace (looking quite young) and Doug Scott handling
 a very large snake.  This one left me wondering if the snake was part of 
Bob Mizer's considerable menagerie or was borrowed for the occasion.



  1. Diablo was the pet snake of Doug Scott and his wife Debbie Smith who played the snake woman in this film. She transformed into a snake to be beguile the guys. Debbie was previously married to Lou La Venture. I'm fairly certain this was Ron's first film. He was one of the first AMG models to go full nude a few years later.

  2. Ron's cute!! Would love to see some nudes of him.

    1. I've posted quite a few pics of him nude. Put his full name in the search box at bottom right or paste this link into your browser to see them: