Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Seven Models in Seven Days, Part 6 - Igout's Unknown Stocky Guy

Those of you who enjoy my frequent trips into 19th Century male nude photography will no doubt recognize this stocky, curly haired fellow.  He has appeared regularly here whenever I present the work of Louis Igout (1837-1881), a French photographer who produced albums of nude models for students and artists who couldn't afford life models.  Chances are that this man was hired on a short term basis and didn't make his main living this way, but he still gets attention, and today is his day.



  1. Once again, Jerry, many thanks for posting images from one of my favourite vintage periods. Igout's work still inspires and generates wonder, as to who the identity of the models.

  2. You are always introducing me to new delights, and this fellow is certainly a delight. Thank you, Jerry.