Sunday, March 19, 2023

Shower II

Our second World War II shower scene of the day is one that Bob found, but I didn't.



  1. Unless the sheets are intended only as windbreaks rather than for modesty, I have always found these outdoor showers amusing when they leave one side completely open. What's the point? Whenever I see an example such as this, I remember a hilarious story my school chaplain and English teacher used to tell about his trip on a pleasure steamer on Lake Como. In the lap of pre-war luxury, he and his party luncheoned as only the Italians can. Needing the facilities, he found the appropriate door marked "Signori" and walked in to find himself staring at the opposite shore - there were walls on the inside but not outside. Granted, the lake is extremely large and it would have needed a telescope to see anything but it gave a very nuanced meaning to the expression "al fresco". He was a graduate of McGill University, Montreal, and used to wind our French teacher up mercilessly by talking in Quebec slang with a near impenetrable accent. That school really was a madhouse. Thank goodness we were able to grow up without facing another war.

    1. There may have been an assumption that any local passers by would be on the shielded side, but I think your windbreak theory makes more sense in most cases.

  2. If this was in a typical all-male camp, not for modesty; modesty is the first thing to go in military service. My vote is for windbreak. There's also a power line overhead, which makes we wonder if this was in the rural U.S. -Dee Exx