Saturday, April 22, 2023

Edwin Townsend Day

Edwin Townsend (1879-1957) is best known for his stunning photos of Tony Sansone, 
but he actually made most of his living doing celebrity portraits, theatrical promotions, 
and fashion photography in his New York studio.  From about 1925 to 1935, he 
developed a sideline doing physique photography.  Today we will look at 10 
of his models who aren't Mr. Sansone, starting with D.W. Landau, 
a model about whom I have been able to learn exactly nothing.



  1. A wonderfully "folded" pose. He seems to be wearing some sort of pouch. Perhaps this was one of a series and didn't want to be fully nude? From his "look", I'm guessing fairly mature, something he did as a hobby. Inspiring.

    1. I agree about the pouch, but I haven't been able to find the others from the series.