Tuesday, April 18, 2023

MIlitary Underwear Day

I had a request from Tomas G. of Cuernavaca for a military underwear feature, so here we go.
Let's start with Hank and Bob in front of a standard World War II tent used by all branches of the US military.  (You'll see three additional photos including those today.)  Bob is posing with his chest thrust out, but it's probably something else sticking out that will interest you.  Also, he's holding two BAR heavy rifles and standing behind a small mortar.  All he needs is a knife in his teeth.



  1. I must confess that I prefer to see fellows in loose boxers. I am always looking for a gap in the fly, or a glance up a loose leg. My curiosity is insatiable!

    1. I hear you. Somewhere I have a picture of a Navy band playing on deck in their scivvies, and half the front row have wardrobe malfunctions.