Friday, June 30, 2023


Some sort of medical procedure seems to be going on here,
but I can't figure out what it might be.



  1. It could be anything. My father said that you had to strip even with earache.

  2. The sailor on the right is pulverizing some liquid, maybe DDT for crabs?
    If I remember properly on the German U-boats, shaving the pubes was obligatory (maybe that helps with the balls stink -see the comments on the showering on the German U-Boat photo-)
    One of the unintended consequences of the "going smooth" fashion a few years ago was the almost disappearance of of pubic crabs reported in several countries, cf Australia.

    1. I noticed the device the sailor at right was holding and thought it might be some sort of disinfectant dispenser. I see the merit of your insecticide idea, however, and the sailor being sprayed is even covering his face with his hands. Meanwhile we have someone (a doctor?) if full surgical garb standing by at left front.

  3. yeah, this is delousing, mandatory after certain ports of call-Dee Exx